PREdiabetes = PREVENTdiabetes

You may have noticed that I keep spelling the word “prediabetes” as “PREdiabetes”. It’s not some wierd spelling issue (though I do have a real problem with spelling…its a long story & I am very thankful for the invention of spellcheck.) I keep spelling it as “PREdiabetes” to keep reminding myself that my diagnosis is not a life sentence yet. I have the opportunity to reverse and PREVENT diabetes with each action I take each day!

The positive step I took today was to continue my quest to learn everything I can about PREdiabetes. Today I came across the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website. According the the CDC approximately 84 million American adults have prediabetes, and 90% of those with prediabetes don’t know they have it and, therefore, don’t get the opportunity to make lifestyle changes until after they have full-blown diabetes. Based on that information, it’s clear I should to be thankful to have gotten diagnosed now. Because I got diagnosed, I am getting a chance to make lifestyle changes to PREvent getting full-blown diabetes. I have to take the most of this opportunity!

I also stumbled upon the University of Utah website, which has even better resources about PREdiabetes, including a video series that explains exactly what PREdiabetes is and helps with goal-setting so you make healthful lifestyle changes. The “videos” appear to really be PowerPoint presentations with audio, so they are not exciting, but they are jam-packed with good information. I only had the time to watch two of the videos, but plan to go back to the University of Utah website many times.

Finally, I hope you like this motivational quote I found as much as I do. I will be adopting this mantra for the duration of my accountability countdown. I cannot believe I have never heard or seen this one before!

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Not sure how it happened, but I am *gasp* a middle-aged, middle-class & remarkably average woman with big dreams and sh#@tload of optimism!

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